emotion (plural emotions)

  1. A person"s internal state of being, normally based in or tied to their internal (physical) and external (social) sensory feelings.
  2. The pre-programmed response of a person or animal to an emotionally competent stimulus which gives rise to feelings. The pre-programming may be instinctual or learned.

7 letters in word "emotion": E I M N O O T.

No anagrams for emotion found in this word list.

Words found within emotion:

em emit en eon et in into io ion it item me mein meint men meno ment mento met metoo mi mien mine mino mint mite mo moe moi moit mon monie mono monte moo mooi moon moot mot mote moten motion ne net nie nim nit nite no nom nome nomoi noo not note oe oi oint om omen omit on one onto oo oom oon oont oot te ten ti tie time timon tin tine to toe tom tome ton tone too toom toon toonie

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